Trust Litigation

When Trusts/Estates Have Problems

blslogoLen was in his third marriage.  He had four children when he married his third wife Rose who had two children of their own.  Len had a successful business when he retired and had built up a large annuity contract.  Len and Rose had built up some community property so they put together a trust.  The trust stated that Len’s property would be held in an irrevocable “Bypass Trust” for Rose and when she died it would go to Len’s children; but Rose didn’t follow the trust’s instructions.  Instead she transferred all of Len’s assets to another trust and left them to her children.  We helped Len’s children recover their inheritance.

Many people use a trust in place of a will to control and distribute their assets.  Trusts are now usually created while the Trustor is alive.  The validity of a trust, or the activities of the trustee, may be contested.  Trust provisions must be followed by the trustee.

Our office handles all types of estate planning from grandma to tycoon.  We have an in depth understanding of trust law and the different types of trusts and tax planning that takes place. We have taken civil, probate, and trust cases to trial, arbitration, and mediation.  Very few attorneys have this combination of knowledge and experience.  Only a select few can display the California Bar Specialist Logo.

We represent clients in a variety of trust actions:

  • trust contests;
  • beneficiary claims;
  • trust problems related to fraud, duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity;
  • trust reformation for a number of reasons including fixing tax problems;
  • representation of trustees;
  • accounting of trust finances;
  • breach of a fiduciary duty; and
  • trust misappropriation/mismanagement.

Judge’s rulings are not guaranteed.  But we won’t take your money unless we believe we can help. If you are a beneficiary or trustee and need help in court then call us to discuss your case.