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W. Vito Lanuti, Attorney & Counselor at Law
Certified as a Legal Specialist in Estate Planning,
Trust and Probate Law

W. Vito Lanuti is one of a small percentage of attorneys in the state of California to be certified as a legal specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law. His educational background and 25+ years of professional experience make him uniquely qualified to provide individuals, couples, families and businesses with customized, highly sophisticated estate and business plans.

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Kelly A. McGowan
Office Administrator & Strategic Assistant

Kelly A. McGowan joined our firm in 2000. She quickly earned the title “Strategic Assistant” thanks to her extraordinary level of personal charisma and technical knowledge. Titles such as “Legal Secretary” or “Legal Assistant” simply didn’t do her justice. Kelly has a wealth of experience in estate planning, trust administration and probate, and she works closely with all of our attorneys in these practice areas.

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